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Hi, I'm
Anupam Ba

I am a full-time dreamer of rainbows and miracles and I believe that they can be manifested. I love spending time in nature and experiencing life as it is. Poetry came to me naturally when I realized that I had run short of words to explain experiences in my life so I sought minimum words to communicate utmost emotions. This is my first book and I hope to see you in my world soon, again.


I always wanted to showcase the beauty of the magical lands I have been lucky enough to spend my time in which have led to the most beautiful experiences of my life.

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About The book

In Living Memories is a collection of poems from the author’s experiences growing up in the hills of Uttarakhand and then travelling the world. A few of the compositions are fun and creative pieces of work to address the beautiful imaginations of our brain.

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From The Pages

“I remember watching those sunsets behind the pine trees,

While you searched for chestnuts, cones, and berries.

It became so integral to have you in every trip we made,

The long walks in the forest and every new path we laid.”   


From the Poem - Bholu, the Mountain dog

In Living Memories

From Amazon

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Sample Chapter 

Love from readers

"In Living Memories" is a beautiful collection of poetry that vividly portrays the author's experiences growing up in Uttarakhand and traveling the world."

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