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Our Founders

Vishal Ved is a dynamic entrepreneur, world record holder, bestselling author, author coach, and inventor. He studied entrepreneurship at the University of California, Berkeley. Vishal holds the world record of “The youngest author to write a fiction novel without human characters and earthly lifeforms” for his bestseller "Tomarkus and the Betrayed Planet." In the senior year of his Aerospace engineering, Vishal published his debut sci-fi fantasy novel and made it a bestseller amidst uncountable publishing and marketing challenges. Through Rolling Authors, Vishal aims to bring a change in the global publishing landscape and serve as a ray of hope for passionate and persevering authors everywhere.

Vishal Ved 


Meet Aayushi Maheshwari, the dynamic COO of Rolling Authors, renowned for her exceptional business acumen and magnetic personality. Aayushi's journey is studded with achievements - she honed her skills at an International Decacorn startup, where her sales finesse led to multimillion-dollar software deals. Her influence extended across continents, from B2B transactions in the USA and Europe to Asia and India. Aayushi's charm has been a cornerstone of her sales triumphs, making her a sought-after conversationalist. Within Rolling Authors, she spearheads daily operations and stands as the linchpin for the sales team, showcasing her adeptness at navigating challenges with grace. Aayushi Maheshwari's narrative is one of remarkable achievements and an indomitable spirit that adds brilliance to the world of business.

Aayushi Maheshwari

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Our Mission

The world of writing, publishing, and marketing can be overwhelming if you’re not a seasoned author. At Rolling Authors® we recognize and believe in the heart, diligence, and patience that authors pour into their books. That’s why we are committed to providing premium services to clients from all walks of life. It is our aim that never again will an author have to wander here and there to receive correct guidance along with the best editing, designing and book marketing services. The journey of making dreams come true for our authors is one we walk shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

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