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Hi, I'm
Alaa Lafir

Alaa was born in Sri Lanka, Colombo in 2000, she tripped into writing in her teens and quickly found her fiction ideas spilling out in her head faster than getting them into words. Writing has always been her passion. She is optimistic and always believe that everything happens for a reason. Being a fan of action and romance she enjoys writing romantic stories with cute and sweet relationship along with sense of humor to make readers smile. Writing began to be a part of her life due to her unavoidable imagination and the love of fictional characters. Her friends and family find her funny and weird due to her adoration and behavior. It’s just the beginning of her journey as an author and she hopes that she entertains her readers with her works. “Always keep smiling”

The Inspiration

I was inspired to write Partner in Crime by watching some soap operas and movies with strong female leads. It's unusual to see a female protagonist assist the male protagonist and take the lead of the story in action. I always wanted to prove to the world that women are not weak in terms of emotion and, of course, physicality. This book 'partner in crime' and all my upcoming works revolve around the tag "strong female lead" or "kickass heroine," as this is something I can relate to and extend my imagination to put those in words. So, if you enjoy reading books with strong characters, give Partner in Crime a try. A novel with suspense, action, and a sweet romance.

From the pages..

“We can’t live our lives peacefully if we burden ourselves with how people judge us. That’s a problem with them, not you”

In Crime

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Let's Dive In

“An action sweetened with romance”

Officer Aiden Johnson is not his type. Despite her physical appearance she is strong, a well-trained fighter, she is the first young officer who took over many cases in the south police department, she fights for justice but not a stickler. A woman who never cares about social status and never bothers about society’s opinions, she prefers to be in a silent environment and in a small circle of friends, an introvert, calm yet hot headed, to be more specific she is a person who is serious, blunt and dry.

Idol Riley Mintz is not her type. An unpopular idol who was dispelled from a famous boy group due to an unsolved scandal. A celebrity who will do anything to please the public, a person who never hesitates to fake himself. Society’s opinions is his first priority, in a way that negative topics of him puts him under deep pressure. A man who hangs out often, mingles with many friends, extrovert, playful and dramatic.

Fired and break up, Aiden was ready to take over any job as for shortage of finance, from all the jobs applied she receives an instant reply from Lawyer Mintz, who is looking for a bodyguard to protect his son, Riley Mintz. Although he objects his father’s decision, circumstances force them to stick together, as strangers they become partners when they join hands to hop on a fight against the immoral conglomerate of Aim’s, a very corrupt group of companies. Their partnership bond flips to friendship until the time spent together pulls them closer as they are revealed to each other’s shining sides. Their atmosphere sweetens as they grow intimate feelings.

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Love from Readers

I read this in one go and closed the book with a smile It was an easy breezy smooth read for me. All in all it was a sizzling hot read with beautiful characters, with strong focus on action, danger and a feel good ending.
So i definitely recommend this book to fantasy lovers out there specially to the beginners if you are looking for something new and exciting to read then this is for you.

Jackulin Peraira, Amazon Kindle Review

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