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Hi, I'm
Reijul Sachdev 

Reijul Sachdev is a PhD student at IIIT-Bangalore. His areas of interest include privacy, game theory, economics and public policy. He completed his Integrated MTech (BTech and MTech) from IIIT-Bangalore in 2019 and was a gold medallist. He also completed an internship at the MIT Media Lab during this time and worked as a data scientist at Round Glass before beginning his PhD. He loves reading Oscar Wilde, writing poetry and going trekking near Bengaluru. Despite his schizophrenia, epilepsy and diabetes, he maintains a cheerful outlook on life. He lives happily in Bangalore with his parents.

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I believe that each of us are different and unique in our own way. It doesn’t always have to be something as drastic as a mental health disorder. But when people cast you out, call you names and make fun of you, just remember – in every freak, there lives a Superman!

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About The book

Reijul's book is about a Bengali boy called Pranav Dasgupta who lives in Bangalore. He joins a computer science college called ICSI and navigates college life with humour. He meets a girl from a neighbouring college and is very attracted to her. However, as he learns more about her, the plot thickens and the story gets darker. Through it all, Pranav maintains his sense of humour, adding a little bit of fun to the story. Yet, the climax is as riveting and suspenseful as an Agatha Christie!

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From The Pages

If you have grown up in India, then you know there are 3 types of children – engineers, doctors and rebels.

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Love from readers

A funny yet eerie page turner! Keeps you at the edge of your seat as you follow the protagonist through his humourous and suspenseful escapades. A masterful and witty whodunnit!

– Kunal

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