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Hi, I'm
Sunita Joshi 

Sunita Joshi is a branding and communications specialist by profession and an astrophile by passion. She resides in the maximum city of Mumbai and has been an avid writer since the age of 15. Her passion for creative content writing has only grown since then and today she takes pride in launching her debut book, The Order Of The Dark. Besides writing and astronomy, the author’s other interests lie in travel, music and creative art.

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The universe has always left me hungry and curious. There is something mystical and elusive about it. I have always believed that there is so much going on in the space where we exist, which is beyond the human cognizance and perception. I have considered the universe as a master storyteller with loads of beautifully crafted untold stories. Someone had to imagine it, write it and share it.

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About The book

The Order of The Dark is a work of pure play science fiction and imagination. It creatively portrays how the universe could have come through, and then how we all came through, when the universe came through. It casts a 'spotlight' on the existence of the omnipresent dark, that is grossly underrated.

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From The Pages

There I emerged from an eternal night,

Through the deepest dark, beyond a sight,

From instilling nothing, but fear and fright,

To exponentially growing and evolving, at the speed of light!

From nothingness to brightness, across a starry intersperse,

I came to be known, as the Universe!

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Love from readers

What a classic depiction of the cosmos and its beings! Looked like they all came alive in this book and were talking to me as I was talking to them. The Order of the Dark is definitely a book I would reckon with and recommend to all my fellow readers.

– Kirtana Jaishankar

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